Thiotriazolin® is an original cardioprotective drug used in the treatment of patients with coronary heart disease.


• Effectively reduces the number of angina attacks (-46% vs. -33%, compared to the standard of care, p=0.0002) ¹
• Increases the physical exercise tolerance (in 62% of patients compared to 48% of patients treated with the standard of care, p=0.028) ¹
• Reduces the patient’s need for nitroglycerin tablets (-58% vs. -48%, p=0.0009) ¹
• Reduces the number of ventricular arrhythmia episodes2

¹ Netiazhenko V.Z., Malchevska T.Y.  Efficacy of Thiotriazolin in combination with the standard of care for the treatment of coronary heart disease: results of a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study. 2010 

² Voloshyn M.A., Vizyr V.A., Voloshyna I.M. Clinical use of Thiotriazolin for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Medicine and Pharmacy News, Nos. 14 (220), 21 (230), 2007




In January 2017, Supplement 2.1 to the 2nd edition of State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine (SPhU) came into effect. It includes monographs on the active ingredient of Thiotriazolin (tiazotic acid morpholinium salt) and the drug’s finished dosage forms. The monographs define the quality requirements for tiazotic acid morpholinium salt and describe a quality control methodology for the active pharmaceutical ingredient and finished pharmaceutical products (solution for injection and tablets). The monographs are the first in SPhU’s history to cover an original Ukrainian medicinal product.

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